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Warren Cay


Since 1998, bikeNOW has been delivering outdoor cycling experiences all the way from local school groups in the wilderness to adventure tours through Europe.

A big part of delivering cycling events is transporting bicycles safely. When we started back over 30 years ago, bike trailers for large numbers of bikes did not exist and certainly did not cater for the wide variety of bikes from Triathalon to Down Hill MTB. 

We needed a trailer with specific requirements for our own events, It had to be compact as possible, easy to load, and cater for all types of bikes. We also need some storage space and most of all, will not damage bikes.

Over the years we have designed and fabricated 28 trailers, evolving our design for our own use but, the demand for bike trailers for hire has skyrocketed. If we were going to loan our trailers to 3rd parties, they had to be easy to use for people to use without experience. 


Wherever we are in the world, if there is a bike trailer, we are checking out the design. We celebrate other manufacturers of great work including Shingleback, Wild Boar and SpotxRacks which are often the best rack for a specific event. Our fleet of trailers for hire includes a variety of other manufacturers plus some of our own.

Our mission is to encourage more people to ride more often and we offer our equipment and services to help make your event easy to plan and deliver.

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