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Outdoor Activities

10,000 riding safely each year and counting.  

Outdoor Activities

bikeNOW has been operating as a retail bike store since 1986 and may be one of Australia’s longest-lasting retailers. However, many people don't know that we have been an industry leader in delivering cycling programs and training to schools and government organisations for nearly 30 years.

We deliver fun in-school cycling activities, Mountain Bike day trips to adventure camps, multi-day road journeys including 2-3 months each year in Europe.


It all began one year long ago with Melbourne Grammar hiring bikes from bikeNOW for their high country week-long camp but returning with broken kids and bikes.  The following year, we joined the camp and each day to manage risk, train rider skills and look after the bikes. No injuries and all the bikes returned in good condition. Other organisations learned that Mountain Bike (MTB) activities could be delivered safely and our outdoor business took off until tragedy! After the September 11 attack on the world trade centre in 2001, all insurance companies pulled in risk, horse riding, water sports and cycling were hit hard with public liability insurance cancelled throughout Australia for outdoor providers on high-risk activities.


Within a year, all interested parties came together to develop the outdoor activity standards and bikeNOW was the provider that developed the standards for MTB that we use today. With the help of La Trobe Uni, Mt Buller Campus endorsed the curriculum developed by bikeNOW. The certification was delivered over 4 weeks on Mt Buller in hazardous conditions. The training involved all skills required to deliver a cycling program on black runs in remote alpine areas addressing all aspects of risk assessment, incident management, route planning and mechanics. Any person certified was recognised by insurance companies and those certified had access to public liability insurance. 


The work in the outdoors recognised bikeNOW as an industry leader and the clients flowed in from schools and corporates and work in other countries.

After a lifetime of riding and training people to ride well and a fleet of over 100 bikes, we have the equipment, skills and curriculum to deliver fun safe and educational activities for any age or ability.

Cosse your activity:

in School / Organisation training

Mountain Bike activity / Adventure

Corporate Training Activity

Ride through Europe with www.bikeNOWeurope


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