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In-School Activities

So many of our kids today find the demands of school and life overwhelming. We are now more than ever making the connection between exercise and improved health and happiness to decrease anxiety, depression, obesity and feeling of isolation to name a few. We use the power of cycling to engage with kids and young adults to provide achievable outcomes that relate back to everyday risks kids face while cycling.

Let's shape the future together!


We deliver custom-tailored cycling programs to school from Year 3 up as part of their Outdoor Education syllabus.

Our outdoor activities are designed to be simple, fun and effective but also to make the teaching staff's life easy. We can operate within school grounds so you do not have to worry about parent forms, individual abilities or students' bikes. We come complete with all the equipment required to run a challenging event within your school grounds.


Over our 25-year collaboration with education organisations, we have refined our range of cycling programs that offer differing intensity, duration, and frequency to achieve the highest results suited to your learning outcomes.


Our modules, in addition to the core safety skills training, cover many targeted learning outcomes including:

  • Health and exercise

  • Nutrition (cooking classes on multi-day camps)

  • Energy systems, human movement

  • Bicycle workshop classes and technology

  • Physics in real application with ratios, power and grip

  • Team building – managing a group

  • Mapping terrain and GPS tech

  • Traffic and how to navigate urban environments

  • Active transport – planning and delivering a trip on multiple transport platforms

  • Riding in the Peloton (road groups)

  • Boot camp to challenge even the fittest

  • History

  • Environmental Management

In School activities

We understand how difficult it is to organise an activity that leaves the school grounds. Our in-school programs are a 3 part series of activities that all run within a small space at a school. We introduce fun games that entertain, and challenge but most important, leave the kids with skills to prepare to ride their community safely.

The activities start very basic with bike checking and simple activities. The second session is about more advanced skills plus a discussion on route planning and making good route decisions. The third session is upping the challenge and re-enforcing the whole program.

This short video was delivered on the venue oval, 4 sessions per day with about 20 kids in each group. 

We set up a small area on the Saint Leonards grounds during their open day fete, This was not a full activity but demstrates how small the area required to deliver a skills activity

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