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T17 - Trailer

This rack system was designed for any type of bike larger than 24" wheel that does not have a rear carrier or mudguards.

You do not have to remove your front wheel or alter this bike to fit your bike on this rack.

This rack is easy to load however needs instructions for any first-time user. You will need to take a lot of care.

You have ample storage below the bikes in the trailer for luggage.

We advise that if you are putting bags in the trailer and expect bad weather, buy wheelie bin liners from bunnings for any item that you do not want wet or dusty.

T17 trailer.JPG


  • Capacity for 17 bikes

  • Plus 3 is available on this rack

  • Will suit any road / MTB bike 24" wheel and larger

  • e-bike compatible

  • Rear carry racks - Most cases no

  • Mudguards - No

  • Plug Type flat and round

  • Ball Type 50mm

  • Voltage 12v-24v

  • Safety rating - 8

  • 2.4m x 1.2m x 2.2m high loaded

  • Load time 20 Mins

  • Vehicle needed - Any

  • Towing Difficulty - Easy

  • 1 Available 

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